Love Thy Nerd
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About Us

Our Mission

Love Thy Nerd exists to be the love of Jesus to nerds and nerd culture.

At LTN we love nerds. In fact, we’re nerds ourselves. We also love Jesus and believe in what he asked us to do: love our neighbors. Whether you are a gamer, a Trekkie, a comic nerd, a Whovian, an otaku, a brony, a roleplayer, a LARPer, or any other flavor of nerd, we think you are valuable and wonderful. Unfortunately, Christians haven’t always done a great job of loving their nerdy neighbors. We want to change that.

LTN wants to speak redemption, hope, truth, and love into the parts of nerd culture that have often been alienated, demonized, dismissed, or simply ignored by Christians. We also want to educate Christians on the value of nerd culture and how we can love our nerdy neighbors better.

Our Three Pillars

Love Thy Nerd’s goals are focused around three central pillars: thoughtful content, relational outreach, and intentional community.

Thoughtful Content

We want LTN content to be hopeful, critical, thoughtful, and inclusive. There is much that is good, true, and beautiful in nerd culture—we want to celebrate those things. We also recognize that there are aspects of nerd culture that are not good, true, or beautiful, but are instead demeaning or objectifying. In these instances, we feel it’s our responsibility to speak up. Overall, we want our website to be a place where people find life-giving analysis of all areas of nerddom.

Relational Outreach

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do at LTN. Whether it’s in a convention space or  at a local game night, our focus is on building lasting, meaningful friendships, and equipping others with the skills and resources to do the same. On our convention trips, we aim to not only build relationships with developers and con-goers, but to also use these trips as training grounds for our team members so they can bring what they learn back to their local communities. We are also developing handbooks and other materials that will help churches and individuals learn more about nerd culture, then put that learning into practice as they host their own local events such as game nights, book clubs, conventions, or tournaments.  

Intentional Community

Community is the glue that holds nerd culture together, and at LTN it’s no different. Online via social media, and offline at local meetups around the country, Love Thy Nerd is committed to providing spaces where people can connect, engage, discuss their passions, share what’s on their hearts, and grow together. We also want to do this in a way that is mindful and purposeful—being nerds together is fun, but we think it can be so much more.