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5 Ways to Elevate Your Game Nights

Now that we have covered the essentials of starting a community game night, let’s delve into five ways you can take your game night to the next level!

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Board Game Peripherals

Enhance your game night experience with accessories like game mats and dice trays. These additions can elevate the gameplay by providing a neoprene surface and preventing dice from rolling off the table. Consider investing in LTN dice trays or other similar options to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your game night.

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Golf Pencils and Scrap Paper

Don’t overlook the importance of providing writing materials for scorekeeping during games. Stock up on inexpensive golf pencils and cut scrap paper into smaller pieces to have them readily available for your attendees.

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Build a Game Library

Create a collection of games that are popular within your group and establish a shared list, whether it’s in a spreadsheet or an Amazon wish list. Engage your game group, community, church, and local game store (LFGS) to contribute to expanding the library. Don’t hesitate to reach out to publishers as well; they might be willing to support your cause.

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Consider organizing giveaways to add excitement to your game night. Prizes can include games, gift cards, or other nerdy items like Funko Pops. While maintaining multiple giveaways each month can be costly, you can explore sponsorship opportunities with your local friendly game shop (LFGS). Additionally, it can be an opportunity to declutter your own collection.

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Snacks are always a welcome addition to any game night. While providing snacks for smaller gatherings might not break the bank, it can become costly when the attendance grows. Encourage attendees to bring their favorite sweet or savory treats to share. Emphasize game-friendly snacks that won’t leave games sticky or dirty.

We hope these ideas help elevate your game night experience! If you’re seeking guidance on starting a game night, check out this article. For other ways to improve your current game night, take a look at this resource.

Happy gaming, nerds!

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