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4 Reasons that I Loved LTN Con Online 2020

LTN Con is Love Thy Nerd’s annual conference where staff and community members get together to share in nerdy passions and the ministry that the organization does. This year, it had to go digital thanks to COVID-19, but we were still able to do everything that LTN Con offers—just from the comforts of home instead of meeting up in one spot like last year. I had many awesome experiences over the weekend, but here are just a few reasons that it was epic.

  1. Socializing is not something that I have been able to do in way too long. I have a young baby, then the virus hit and has kept everyone away from each other. Between both of those, I have unopened board games and like many others was dealing with a bit of the 2020 blues. It may have been online, but LTN Con allowed me to hang out with people! Nerds like me. Nerds that love Jesus and gaming and I am sure also miss being able to play games in person with friends. 

The Call, an expansion to Commissioned, by Chara Games.

  1. I learned that tabletop games bring people together. I got to play board games and D&D with people that I have only known online so far, and it was so much fun. Even folks I had not spoken to much were welcoming and just ready to share their love of games with everyone. It’s also really cool playing with a game’s creator! I am used to playing with close friends and family, and thanks to LTN Con I got to get to know people a little better and appreciate how awesome tabletop games are for building community and friendship.


  1. Love Thy Nerd staff are not excluded from thinking that you are sus in Among Us. That’s it. That’s number 3.


  1. While the gaming was a blast, the most powerful moment of LTN Con for me was communion. On Sunday, the LTN founders streamed a Zoom call on Twitch and invited everyone to join them for communion. Since I had my son during flu season, and then Covid struck as that finally waned I have not been able to partake in communion for way too long, and having it led by Love Thy Nerd was special. It was a reminder that the weekend was not just about playing games and hanging out, but about Jesus. Being spread across the country did not stop us from talking about Jesus and enjoying each other’s company. 


I sincerely hope that I can join LTN Con 2021. As I have spent more time geeking out and serving alongside LTN, I have discovered that this organization is full of amazing people who know how to put on a great event. If it was this fun online, I cannot imagine what a blast it will be in person!

If you missed LTN Con this year, you can still watch all the sessions online. And if you want to learn more about LTN, check out LTN’s about page. To stay up to date with LTN news, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. To connect with and keep up with what is going on in LTN, check out our communities on Facebook and Discord.

Tieranie Albright lives in New Mexico and is a writer, theology student, and advocate for disabled gamers. She has a passion for Christ, and an insatiable love of video games, books, and Disney. (Especially Baymax.) She is the founder of silversoulgaming.com, and is a stay-at-home mom of one. Tieranie can be found on Twitter @SilverGamingUSA and @SilverSoulx10.

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