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10 Video Games That Teach Us Gratitude

Video games have evolved from simple diversions to immersive storytelling experiences that can convey profound life lessons. Gratitude, an essential human emotion, is a theme that some video games elegantly teach through their narratives, mechanics, and interactions. In this article, and in advance of Thanksgiving, we will explore 10 video games that can help instill a sense of gratitude in players.

Photo Credit: Syfy

1. Stardew Valley

Platform: PC, Consoles
Genre: Farming Simulation

At the top of our list is Stardew Valley, a game that allows players to escape to a serene countryside and cultivate their own farms. The game encourages you to nurture crops, raise animals, and build relationships with the townsfolk. Through its gentle gameplay and interactions, Stardew Valley teaches players to appreciate the simple joys of life and the rewards of hard work.

Photo Credit: The Irish Independent

2. Journey

Platform: PS3, PS4, PC
Genre: Adventure

Journey is a breathtakingly beautiful game that emphasizes cooperation and connection with other players. As you embark on a mysterious and emotional journey through a stunning world, you’ll learn to value companionship and cooperation, fostering gratitude for the bonds you create.

Photo Credit: Indie DB

3. Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

Platform: PC
Genre: Indie, Simulation

Kind Words is an unusual but heartwarming game that focuses on sending and receiving kind words and messages to other players. It teaches players the importance of gratitude, empathy, and support in a virtual environment.

Photo Credit: PlayStation Store

4. Flower

Platform: PS3, PS4, PC
Genre: Adventure, Simulation

Flower takes you on a unique journey controlling a petal floating on the wind, allowing you to interact with the environment. This game encourages players to appreciate the beauty of nature and the serenity it provides.

Photo Credit: Scout Life Magazine

5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action-Adventure

Breath of the Wild is an open-world adventure that encourages exploration and appreciation of vast and diverse landscapes. As you traverse this wondrous world, you’ll develop gratitude for the environment and the thrill of discovery.

Photo Credit: Steam

6. Gris

Platform: PC, Consoles
Genre: Platformer

Gris is a visually stunning platformer that explores themes of grief and recovery. By playing, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the journey of healing and personal growth.

Photo Credit: Steam

7. Oxenfree

Platform: PC, Consoles
Genre: Adventure

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller that focuses on the relationships between characters. It teaches players to appreciate the value of friendship and the importance of communication.

Photo Credit: CelesteGame.com

8. Celeste

Platform: PC, Consoles
Genre: Platformer

Celeste is a challenging platformer that tells a touching story about dealing with personal issues. It promotes gratitude for resilience and self-improvement.


9. Undertale

Platform: PC, Consoles
Genre: RPG

Undertale is a unique RPG that allows players to choose between violence and non-violence. Opting for a pacifist route fosters a sense of gratitude for empathy and understanding.

Photo Credit: ThatDragonCancer.com

10. That Dragon, Cancer

Platform: PC
Genre: Narrative

That Dragon, Cancer is a highly emotional game that tells the real-life story of a family’s struggle with a child’s terminal illness. Through this heart-wrenching narrative, players learn to appreciate the preciousness of life and the importance of family.

These ten video games offer valuable life lessons and experiences that can foster gratitude in players. Through their emphasis on empathy, nature, relationships, and personal growth, they remind us of the importance of gratitude in our own lives. So, the next time you pick up a controller, consider trying one of these games for a different kind of gaming experience—one that leaves you with a sense of thankfulness and a deeper appreciation for the world around you.

Born and raised in West Philadelphia. No relation. I'm a lifelong gamer and an avid movie-monger. My favorite thing in life is sharing Christ through my geeky fandoms.

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