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10 Off-Beat Nerdy Christmas Gift Ideas

There’s still plenty of time to grab the perfect gifts for the nerds in your life, but instead of hyping up the latest games or movies, this year, we’re going off the beaten path to pull out some of the more obscure items – be they practical or silly – to ensure a surprised face on Christmas morning! Here are 10 awesome recommendations from several of our LTN writers (prices listed correct at time of posting):

1. Kirby SquishMe Series

$8.49 | Amazon

“Poyo! For an inexpensive, adorable gift for Nintendo fans young and old, the Kirby SquishMe Series is a blind bag assortment of individually packaged, lightly scented Kirby characters made from soft foam. Slightly less than 2 inches wide, they’ll fit in the palm of your hand and cheerfully serve as a stress ball if you’re having a rough day. When I counseled at a youth summer camp, I brought my Kirbys along and discovered that they were a hit with kids and teens alike! I definitely recommend these little guys, and I can testify that they hold up well even after years of play.” -Kathryn Fisher

2. X-Trayz Game Storage Trays

$14.99 | Amazon

“Are you searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the board gamer in your life but unsure which game to choose? The risk of getting them a game they already own or one that doesn’t align with their collecting interests can be daunting. Well, look no further. No matter the game, every board gamer deals with pieces spread across the table. Enter X-Trayz organizers – the solution to keeping tabletop chaos at bay! These sturdy trays are designed to effortlessly maintain order amidst the scattered pieces of any board game. Compatible with a wide range of games featuring loose components, X-Trayz organizers are a must-have for any avid board gamer. Whether you prefer to store pieces in game boxes or organize them on a game-by-game basis, these trays prove invaluable. For board gamers, you can never have too many of these game-changing organizers!” -Luke Filipiak

3. Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards (for 3DS & Switch)

$6.90 | Amazon

“If you’re looking to add some cute villagers or items to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, I recommend this Sanrio collaboration amiibo card pack! The pack comes with six new villagers that you can invite to your campsite and maybe even convince them to live on your island! Additionally, when you invite them, your ABD online order catalogue is updated with new items from each villager, including clothes, furniture, and wallpaper and flooring, themed after beloved Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty. My island sat stagnant for a long time, but I bought these cards and have been having so much fun updating my island with all the cool new items from this card pack!” -Amy Cokenour

4. LEGO Marvel Avengers 2023 Advent Calendar

$36.49 | Amazon

“Why give one gift when you can give one for everyday of the season? For our family, nothing merges faith and fandom together during the holiday season quite as well as a nerdy advent calendar. LEGO, Funko, and Pokémon all sell some great ones that are sure to provide a daily dose of nerdy excitement. My wife and I have enjoyed coupling one of these calendars with a theologically rich advent devotional. This has been a great way for our family to enjoy the exciting experience of opening a small gift together each day right before spending some time reflecting on the reason for the season. A couple of our favorite advent devotionals have been Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul David Tripp and The Coming of the King by J.C. Ryle.” -Garrett Davidson

5. The Rocktopus

$4.00 | Etsy

“Any wrestling fan (or popcorn-flick lover) will… recognize… the beloved face of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As for how they will feel about his head being on the body of an octopus, well, that depends on how weird they truly are. There is a wacky corner of Etsy where The Rock’s head is 3D-printed on many things – Pokémon characters, lobsters, piles of rocks, toothpaste dispensers, so many options! But for my money, The Rocktopus is the greatest worst thing ever created.” -Craig Nash

6. BCW Short Comic Bin

$24.87 | Amazon

“We work hard to collect comic books. So why throw them in random boxes? Comic book bins like this one allow us to nicely store our comics. They also offer dividers for even more organization. And if you run out of space, grab another one, as they are stackable. Pair the bins with some high quality sleeves, and you can easily protect, organize, and store your comic books for years to come. And if you don’t want a plain box, they also come in fun colors and designs.” -Steve Cullum

7. Merchoid Christmas Jumpers

$59.99 | Merchoid

“Two words – ‘Nerd Wear.’ Whether your nerdy loved one is loud and proud about their hobbies or prefers more subtlety, there’s something for everyone in any fandom! Try the spin on the classic ‘ugly Christmas sweater,’ like the one with Darth Vader in a Santa Hat with the quote ‘I find your lack of cheer disturbing’ or, my favorite, a Yugioh sweater that says ‘It’s time to YULE.’ Merchoid offers these in quality, heavy knit sweaters that are made to last, which means they’re going to be leagues nicer than what you might see in Target…”

8. Loungefly Harry Potter Cognac Wand Handbag

$55.93 | BoxLunch

“…There’s also fashionable subtle-fandom purses, like the ones sold by BoxLunch. There’s a Harry Potter one that looks like a classy purse, but they snuck in a Deathly Hollows gold emblem and a gold handle shaped like the Elder Wand. And that’s just the beginning! Think of anything your person usually wears, and look at where they might sell a nerdy version of it: socks, hats, backpacks, jewelry, shoes, slippers, pajamas, the sky’s the limit! BoxLunch and Merchoid both have a wide range of nerdy clothes, accessories, and more. I highly recommend you check them out for more inspiration.” -Gwen Leong

9. Ohuhu Zelda Ocarina with Song Book

$19.99 | Amazon

“Whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual enthusiast, this Ohuhu Zelda Ocarina is a neat buy! It’s accurate to the video game and comes with a booklet that teaches the user to play songs from Legend of Zelda, providing lots of fun for the whole family. My parents bought this Ocarina for my younger sisters last Christmas and they all took turns passing it around and playing toons from the game. Don’t have a musical background? No worries! The Ocarina came with detailed instructions for how to hold, position, and play it! I highly recommend this for any family that wants an interactive gift that’s a little out of the ordinary.” -Emeri Glen

10. Church Crush “I Must Stack The Chairs” Unisex Cotton Tee

$24.99 | Quiet Mountain Apparel

“There are few things that make me want to be a single man again, but this shirt is one of them. This hilarious blend of church humor and anime is a shirt I wish I could rock today, but my wife wouldn’t appreciate it. But honestly, Quiet Mountain Apparel is FULL of clever and beautiful nerdy Christian T-shirts, hoodies, and more. They’ve got stuff for several fandoms with new original designs dropping all the time. This is a huge step up from those old parody T-shirts all us Millennials wore to youth group.” -Radio Matt

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