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Three Angry Fathers: God of War Helped Me Make Sense of an Angry God

Humans of Gaming 140 | Adam Davis and Adam Johns of Game to Grow

Adam Davis and Adam Johns of Games to Grow join Drew and Chris this week to talk about the therapeutic uses of Dungeons & Dragons.

Why Do Board Games Matter?

The Division 2 Beta and The Silence Found in Catastrophe

Free Play 40 | Horse Stories and Groundbreaking Games

Matt is still mourning the loss of his horse Horpens in Red Dead 2. Bubba and Kate try to distract him by talking about what makes a groundbreaking game.

The Ties That Bind – More Than Romance on Valentine’s Day

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Is More Than The Sum Of Its Bricks

Back in 2013 when I first read that The Lego Movie was happening, I thought, “Really? A movie about Legos? Not even about a Lego property like Bionicles, just Legos in general?” I wrote it off almost instantly. Just another weird cash grab by Hollywood. Then I saw the trailer and was floored by the […]

Humans of Gaming 139 | Jay Tholen of Hypnospace Outlaw on Developing Games as a Christian

Jay Tholen of Hypnospace Outlaw waxes nostalgic over the late 90's internet and bemones the divergant opinions of video games within Christendom.

8 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Game Night

Are you ready to start your own game night? Before you start, here are some questions to ask yourself, and some advice from our resident experts.

The Pull List 9 | Comics, Community, and Conventions

Chris and Hector shift focus this week to flip through the pages of comic book news and to talk about their passions of comics, community, and conventions.