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The Witcher and the Nature of Legends

The Pull List 29 | The Best Comics of 2019 Reviewed

We're going to take a moment, slow down, and celebrate our favorite titles from 2018. Welcome to 2020, it's time for a "best of 2019 show!"

The Divine Ritual of Rest in Death Stranding

Defining Heroes and Monsters in The Witcher

Church Nerds 2 | How Nerdy Christians Can Reach the Not-So-Nerdy

In our 1/10/20 show, Bubba and Anna discuss ways Nerdy Christians can reach and minister to the non-nerdy people in their lives. They also play a game of "VBS or NES?" and Anna opens up about the struggles that came with marrying a "nerd."

Two Sides of Faith in Red Dead Redemption 2

Community Building Tabletop Games of 2019

Church Nerds 1 | Games Christians Should Play

In the pilot episode of Church Nerds, Bubba and Anna introduce themselves and tackle a topic we get a lot: What games should Christians play?

Compassionate Video Games of 2019

Selfless TV of 2019